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Beachy Tea Pyramid Sachets offer the quality and flavor of loose leaf tea with the convenience of a tea bag. Our pyramid sachets are made of cornstarch material and are biodegradable. The tag and string are attached to the pyramid sachet by an ultrasonic sealing process; so is the sealing of the bag itself. There is no glue or staples like a conventional tea bag.

Our pyramid sachets, unlike conventional tea bags, have more room for the tea leaves to unfurl and expand with sufficient space for water to penetrate and infuse the leaves, releasing the flavors in a very efficient manner. Therefore tea leaves of larger size can be conveniently used unlike the small fanning type leaves in conventional tea bags. Because of the transparent nature of the material, loose tea packed in pyramid sachets are visible and only high-quality tea leaves are used. The result is a much better quality tea with uncompromising flavor.